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5 Reasons why you should move to Alaska today

Alaska has long been a popular tourist destination. It’s slowly moving out of that mold, however, and becoming a place you should definitely consider to live. Here are five reasons why you should move to Alaska today!

  1. The state government will pay you to live in Alaska

    Through Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend, the state gives full-time residents amounts ranging from $800 to $2,000 or higher each year. You can spend the money in any way you want, be it for a vacation, daily expenses, or retirement.

    Established in 1976, the Permanent Fund Dividend Program not only aims to help Alaskans− it incentivizes future generations and temporary residents to stay in the area.

  2. There’s no income tax and sales tax

    If getting paid to live here isn’t enough, you also don’t have to worry about paying statewide income and sales taxes. Alaska is the ideal place for those looking to move out of high-income tax states like California.

    Residents are still required, however, to pay taxes for property, local sales, gas, and commodities like cigarettes and alcohol. other types of taxes like property taxes. All these expenses, considered, Alaska remains as the state with some of the lowest taxes in the country. This is sure to make a big difference to your finances as a whole.

    Click here to read more about taxes in Alaska.

  3. You get to enjoy breathtaking nature views

    There’s nowhere quite like Alaska when it comes to stunning outdoor scenery. The state boasts majestic sights like powdery snow-capped mountains, lush landscapes during the warmer months, the volcano-covered Aleutian Islands and, of course, the light show that is Aurora Borealis, which can be seen from November to January.

  4. You get to soak in the peaceful and laid back atmosphere

    Alaska moves at its own pace. Here, you’ll enjoy a slower and more laid back atmosphere. It’s not bogged down by hectic schedules and fast-paced living. Life in Alaska is detached from the tense and busy lifestyle of the city. The Alaskan lifestyle will give you plenty of opportunities to slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the beauty around you and life in general.

  5. There are incredible hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation

    Alaska is the playground of outdoorsmen and women. In fact, people from all over the world go up north just to get a taste of Alaskan outdoor recreation. Hunt for caribou, grouse, and moose at the Southeast rainforest region. Catch some halibut, salmon, trout, crab, and more in the many rivers and streams.

    Ride the whitewater rapids. Go on a multi-day hike and explore one of Alaska’s nature trails. In the winter, go skiing, dog sledding, and snowboarding. In the summer, hop on a board and keep your eye out for migrating whales.

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