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Top qualities you should look for in a real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is essential for a successful real estate pursuit. Aside from expertise and efficiency, look for the following qualities.

  1. Localized knowledge

    Your ideal real estate agent is someone who has expert local knowledge about the areas you’re interested in. Somebody who not only has extensive experience buying or selling in your target neighborhoods, but also knows the lifestyle in these areas. Somebody who is also up-to-date with the local market trends.

    With the help of a local expert, you can learn all about the neighborhood and decide if it’s a good fit for you.

  2. Excellent communication skills

    The best agents are also excellent communicators. Your agent should always keep you updated on the status of your transaction. Whether it’s by giving you quick updates through text or weekly one-on-ones, a good agent knows how to accommodate your needs.

    Your agent should be able to explain the whole buying or selling process in terms you can understand. And most importantly, they should also communicate your best interests to potential buyers and sellers. Remember: your agent should be able to represent you well, especially in the negotiating table.

  3. Attention to detail

    There’s a lot of complicated paperwork that goes into buying or selling a home. Sometimes, one small mistake during the closing process could set back a deal for weeks so it’s best to have an agent who is organized and detail-oriented.

    Buyers and sellers need a real estate agent who pays attention to even the smallest of details. Buyers can count on their agent to point out flaws in a home that could mean major underlying problems. Meanwhile, sellers need an agent who is meticulous with their marketing plans and other home selling processes.

  4. Dedicated to clients’ needs

    Find an agent who knows how to listen. Your agent should pay attention to what you want and your needs throughout your transaction.

    A good agent who is dedicated to their clients’ needs isn’t someone who only tells them what they want to hear. Because they have your best interest in mind, they’ll work hard to meet your expectations while keeping your expectations in check.

  5. Well-connected

    The buying and selling process will run more smoothly with an agent who is connected to other real estate professionals. You won’t have a problem finding reliable home inspectors, contractors, movers, stagers, and the like because your agent will have a go-to list of trusted professionals they can readily recommend.

  6. A good reputation

    Always ask for an agent’s references before hiring them. When talking to your agent’s past clients, ask about the agent’s work ethic and their relationship with clients. You should also online and look at their reviews and testimonials on their website. If they don’t have references to give and no online reviews available, it’s best to move on with your search.

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