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What’s it like to live in Alaska?

There’s a lot to love about living in Alaska. Get to know the Land of the Midnight Sun better with these six great things to know about America’s 49th state:

It can get really, really cold…

This should surprise no one, as Alaska is already well known around the country – and perhaps around the world – for its extremely chilly winters. And yes, nights can be quite long around these parts during these months, too.

But as long as you come prepared with all the layers and specialty gear you need, you’ll soon see that the pros of living here easily outweigh the cons.

…But the people all around you are some of the warmest you’ll ever meet

Cold weather is hardly a problem when the people around you radiate with warmth and friendliness. Alaska’s laid-back communities are built around diverse populations that take pride in their individual roots and backgrounds.

You might even be surprised how people around you know each other – Alaska might be a huge state; but it’s actually a small world!

Outdoor adventures await you here

Living in Alaska is practically answering the call of the wild. Every day, you’ll wake up to the majestic beauty of nature all around you – with snow-covered mountains, sparkling lakes, and verdant fields making all sorts of outdoor recreation a way of life. You’ll be breathing the freshest air you’ve ever breathed, too.

When you’re out exploring Alaska’s vast wilderness areas, remember to look up to the night-time sky. The awe-inspiring aurora borealis – also known as the Northern Lights – might just take your breath away.

Having plenty of opportunities to see this natural wonder is easily one of the best perks of living in this state.

Wildlife encounters are commonplace

When living in Alaska, don’t be surprised when you find yourself sharing a road. You might also see bears wandering around your neighborhood at some point.

Natural sightings like these can be exciting, but caution must always be exercised in instances like these. These animals generally avoid humans, but encounters can always take a dangerous turn when they are provoked.

The local way of life will teach you how to take care of yourself

Alaska is by no means a backwoods state, but the pioneer spirit is alive and well here. With plenty of opportunities to hunt, fish, forage, and grow your own food, Alaska will teach you not to depend on the convenience of stores around every corner – and appreciate the value of being self-sufficient instead.

You get an annual allowance from the government

Given its considerable distance from the rest of the United States, travel and shipping costs increase the overall cost of living in Alaska. But this is no reason to worry. The state government provides an annual Permanent Fund Dividend for residents who have lived in Alaska for at least a full calendar year. The amount varies every year, but generally falls between $800 and $1,100.

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